Comfort Music

Shrimp Po’Boy, fully dressed.

First course: comfort food

Sometimes a good shrimp po’ boy does the trick. Shrimp Creole, the way my mama used to cook it, always made me feel better, even when I was feeling fine already. Boiled shrimp, Trout Amandine or broiled flounder can’t help but improve my mood. Other times, a perfectly cooked filet mignon (medium rare, but not too medium) makes life right. Don’t even let

Red beans and rice – mighty nice!

me look down the Southern fried chicken-fresh tomato-fried okra road. You’ll never see me again. Then, there’s that moment when only vanilla ice cream will do. All of that falls into the category that people now call“comfort food.” You may agree with my choices or have completely different delicacies that just make you feel good when you think about them, but we all enjoy special dishes that make us feel better.

Entree: Comfort Music

A little of my comfort music: B.B. King, John Hartford, Mac McAnally

It is my belief that music also provides a big dose of comfort, just when we need it most. These days may be the perfect time to reach for those records, CDs or that playlist and let ‘em do their jobs. We often can’t control what happens in the broad, wide world or even in our little piece of it, but we can always reach for those melodies that bring us a little comfort. Those are songs and singers we might have grown up listening to or recently discovered when something they sang or played seemed so meaningful, that it went straight to our hearts. Be they old standards or brand new tunes, when we hear them, it’s as if they were written just for us. Comfort music can make us remember when days were better, even if only the passage of time has made them so. Comfort music brings a smile or a fond tear or an outright belly laugh when all we do is play our mind’s record player.

More of my comfortable choices: Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Kristofferson, Buffett

Lately, I have found myself retreating to those old melodies. I rely on everyone from Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash to Bing Crosby, Jo Stafford, Lester Flatt, and B.B. King to brighten moments of my day. Just as with comfort food, the universal music menu allows me to lean toward what is just right for my mood at the moment. It is my hope that you have your own comfort music “recipe” and that those songs are brightening your world these days.

Please enjoy my song “Comfort Music,” in this video prepared just for this piece. More importantly, I hope your own collections of songs that just make you feel good are close at hand and that they are serving you well.

Click this photo for “Comfort Music.”

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Text and photos copyright 2017 by Les Kerr

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