Music in Music City

The view of Downtown Nashville from the Grammy Block Party

The view of Downtown Nashville from the Grammy Block Party

Living in Nashville is a wonderful thing, especially if you love music. After all, it’s Music City, USA. I’m sure I speak for other music business professionals when I say that even though you may pick, sing, write or produce for a living, you never get over being a fan. It was being a fan that got me interested in music as a child, and I’m still a fan of singers, entertainers and performers.

Recently, I attended the 2015 Grammy Block Party, an annual event hosted by the Nashville chapter of The Recording Academy, the organization that brings us the Grammy Awards. It was a fascinating event for a music fan like me. Not only is the Block Party an opportunity to visit

Lee Ann Womack

Lee Ann Womack

with other music business people, it’s a way for the Nashville chapter to prove that this town is not just about country music. Of course, country music was represented with a top-notch performance by Lee Ann Womack (also a 2015 Americana Music Association award nominee) but the delightful Meghan Trainor, a Nashville resident, sang her pop hit “All About that Bass,” among other songs.

Meghan Trainor and uke

Meghan Trainor and uke

Serving as master of ceremonies was Giancarlo Guerrero, conductor for the Nashville Symphony. There is a strong classical music presence in Nashville and the Nashville Symphony Orchestra itself has won seven Grammy awards. The maestro was masterful in his introductions of country, pop, gospel and R&B acts.

Nashville Symphony conductor Giancarlo Guererro

Nashville Symphony conductor Giancarlo Guerrero

Although I spend a lot of my life working to get ahead in the music business, it’s nice to relax and enjoy the melodies and rhymes Nashville has to offer.

As much as I focus on building my own career, moments when I am purely entertained remind me why I moved to this town in the first place: I love music.

Text and photos copyright 2015 by Les Kerr
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4 Responses to Music in Music City

  1. Suzy Bennett says:

    We have season tickets to the symphony and enjoy the maestro’s conversations before the program. It’s impressive that he follows all kinds of music. Enjoyed your article.

  2. les leverett says:

    Les, thanks for this blog. That bloc party must have been a really good one. I agree with all you said about music and Nashville, and I am so thankful for our symphony, and it’s wonderful condutor, Giancarlo Guerrero.
    –Les Leverett

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