“God’s time” in Middle Tennessee

Trees beginning to turn colors in Nashville's Bellevue area.

Trees beginning to turn colors in Nashville’s Bellevue area.

Bright red leaves on this tree in Pasquo, TN.

Bright red leaves on this tree in Pasquo, TN.

“Well, we can get off Roosevelt’s time and go back to God’s time,” my step-father would say every fall. Bob Gordin never liked Daylight Savings Time. He was born in 1922, grew up during the Great Depression and fought in World War II. He knew that change was inevitable but not always necessary. Daylight Savings Time to him was no necessity.

I enjoy Daylight Savings Time. While I know that the amount of daylight does not actually increase because of it, it is nice to have when the clock tells me it is later. Bob and I had gentleman’s agreement to disagree about Daylight Savings Time, as we did about Amtrak, Elvis Presley’s talent and eating oysters.

Foliage begins to turn colors by the Cumberland River near Ashland City, Tennessee

Foliage begins to turn colors by the Cumberland River near Ashland City, Tennessee

While I will miss Daylight Savings time for a few months, the fact that it goes away during autumn is comforting to me. The colors of fall seem to make skies bluer, perhaps as a consolation for winter weather that will be with us before long. Fall is the time of year when I fell in love with bluegrass music during my first semester as a college student. And now, it is nice to see leaves finally beginning to change in Nashville, especially after the hot and cool autumn we have had this year. It is my hope that you will enjoy these pictures snapped recently in Middle Tennessee.

Taken during a walk near our home.

Taken during a walk near our home.

And were he alive to celebrate the departure of “Roosevelt’s time” again in 2013, I think Bob would agree with me that we all live in “God’s time,” year-round, when it comes right down to it.

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Text and photos copyright 2013 by Les Kerr.


About Les Kerr

Les Kerr is a songwriter, recording artist, journalist and author originally from the Gulf Coast now based in Nashville, Tennessee. Learn More about Les at www.leskerr.com
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8 Responses to “God’s time” in Middle Tennessee

  1. tommypeggy says:

    Really nice. Looks good

    Sent from my iPad Thank you

    Tommy Turner BMI. songwriter John 3:16-18

  2. Spent the weekend enjoying the fall on the Cumberland Plateau and then the time change. God’s time. I will be ready to spring forward when the time comes. Obama’s time?

  3. katkennedy506087046 says:

    Thanks for the pics, Les! I do miss the change of season living down here on the coast, but I’m heading a little north this weekend to enjoy some fall foliage!

  4. Florence Hupf says:

    Gorgeous photography, Les. I was a grown woman before I got to see the other half of the State of Tenn. Covers width of three states, as you know. Memphis is all flat, but still lovely with its dahlias and flowering trees. Four distinct seasons of weather. But, once I found out how lovely middle Tn was, I traveled there more often….thought I’d died and gone to Heaven when I hit the Blue Ridge Parkway. We actually had MOUNTAINS. Thanks for the stories.

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