Les Kerr not a candidate

Les Kerr's non-campaign publicity photo

Les Kerr’s non-campaign publicity photo

Nashville, TN – In the wake of actress Ashley Judd’s announcement that she will not run for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Mitch McConnell (R-KY), songwriter Les Kerr has also announced that he will not be a candidate in that, or any other, political race. Kerr said his decision was based on consideration of his family, fans, career and the need to care for his recently injured beagle, Creole Belle.

Kerr's injured beagle, Creole Belle

Kerr’s injured beagle, Creole Belle

“It was with much thought and deliberation that I came to this decision,” said the songwriter. “However, I believe that I can serve my fans and all United States citizens better by continuing to write and perform the music I call ‘Hillbilly Blues Caribbean Rock and Roll.’”

Kerr said that he also believes not running will be a benefit to his long-term career goals and, hence, greater mankind.

“All songwriters, entertainers, authors and other creative people know that substance is crucial to success,” Kerr said. “It is also true that publicity is essential and I believe that if my non-candidacy can generate a fraction of the attention that Ashley Judd’s did, my career will, indeed, receive a boost. If that holds true, I will be able to deliver more Hillbilly Blues Caribbean Rock and Roll to those who really need it.”

Kerr thanks non-campaign volunteers

Les Kerr lives true calling instead of running for office

Les Kerr lives true calling instead of running for office

“I would like to thank all of my non-supporters in my non-candidacy for their non-dedication, non-commitment and non-willingness to annoy people with yard signs and bumper stickers on my non-behalf,” the non-candidate said. “I believe we successfully mounted this non-race without a trace of negativity. You have no idea how much this means to me.”

Future plans for the songwriter and performer include, well, songwriting and performing, as well as recording and releasing new material.

Les Kerr non-bumper sticker for non-campaign

Les Kerr non-bumper sticker for non-campaign

Visit Les Kerr’s non-campaign web site here. Les Kerr’s non-campaign music is available on line at I-Tunes and the very cool BeachFrontRadio.com.

Photos and text copyright 2013 Les Kerr.


About Les Kerr

Les Kerr is a songwriter, recording artist, journalist and author originally from the Gulf Coast now based in Nashville, Tennessee. Learn More about Les at www.leskerr.com
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