Gimme all your loot…please.

Me as Daffy Duck wearing two-tone shoes, 1961

“Hello, I’m Daffy Duck. Trick or treat!” That was me in 1961 in a Daffy Duck costume, complete with black and white two-tone shoes. Well, the shoes weren’t part of the costume but my mother thought it would improve Daffy’s image if I wore them. Plus, she had bought them for Easter and they still fit in October so she wanted to get the biggest bang for her buck, even if it meant I wore them with a Halloween costume. A costume that was probably extremely flammable, knowing years later that some of those cheap costumes could easily catch on fire with the slightest contact with, say, a cigarette ash. Both my parents smoked, but I lived to tell the tale. It wasn’t easy being Daffy in 1961.

Leslie Kerr Holds Grandmother at Gunpoint! Or, “Hi, Grandmamma, I’m a cowboy. Trick or treat!”  That was a fun one. I loved cowboys and had a Roy Rogers two-gun holster and a Roy Rogers hat and a Roy Rogers guitar. Well, I still have a hat and a guitar

My grandmother, Ruby Pittman, feigns terror as her rough, tough cowboy grandson pulls his Roy Rogers six-gun!

but I’ve given up robbing grandmothers, although mine, Ruby Pittman, found it amusing and under fake duress, handed me candy after I said, “Gimme all your loot – please.”

My grandmother loved to play bridge, smoke cigarettes and sew. I cared nothing about cards or smoking but I loved Captain Kangaroo so she made me a Captain Kangaroo coat with huge pockets. They really came in

In my Captain Kangaroo coat, with pockets big enough for lots of candy corn!

handy at Halloween. After my bag was full of candy corn, candy bars and wax harmonicas (am I the only one who remembers wax harmonicas on Halloween?), I could stuff more into the Captain’s pockets to share with Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Moose, Dancing Bear and Mr. Green Jeans later.

Gail and I still hand over our loot to little goblins, pirates and princesses every Halloween, waiting hopefully for a please and thank you. This year, we were happy to hear a “thank you” from every one of the little characters who visited our house.

Trick or treat!

Text and photos ©2012 Les Kerr

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2 Responses to Gimme all your loot…please.

  1. That duck costume actually looks a little scary! Love the photos.

  2. Les Kerr says:

    Thanks, CRC, it was scary from the inside, too!

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