Mardi Gras Chuckle

Carnival season is in full swing and Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, is coming up on March 8.  “Easter’s late this year,” and so is Mardi Gras, always the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.  When I lived on the Gulf Coast, I enjoyed every minute of this festive season and still do, as much as possible, here in Nashville.

This poem was written in 1986 and published in the late, great Azalea City News and Review in Mobile, Alabama, and while I wrote it about Mardi Gras, if you’re a man who’s ever had to wear white tie & tails, you can relate to this.  If you are a woman who has tolerated the aforementioned man’s complaints about getting dressed up for the big event, you will no doubt understand the sentiment, as well.

Enjoy and “Let the Good Times Roll!”

As printed in Azalea City News & Review Feb. 6, 1986

Costume de rigueur


The Rigors of Costume

The ladies must wear different dresses

A woman cares who she impresses

But pity the unwilling males

Who have to wear those awful tails

 The “Full Dress Suit” was ill-designed by someone who had lost his mind

A most impractical affair and so much trouble just to wear

The coat seems rather incomplete; The front so short, it doesn’t meet

The back can almost touch the floor. Who knows what the devil for

I never had a job so big as putting on that awful rig

Suspenders holding up the pants; A belt gives me more confidence

Why is it on the gala night you find the suit does not fit right?

“I don’t understand it, Dear, my vest has shrunk since just last year.”

So she finds sufficient thread to make the vest to fit your spread

And every year there is the jinx of losing one of those cufflinks

Just when you can search no more, you find it in the proper drawer

Now, almost in the fancy duds, you have to hunt the missing studs

Why is it that things go awry when precious time is flying by

Ten minutes til it’s time to leave, you see that stain upon your sleeve

Then you say for all to hear, “I will not go through this next year!”

But every year, what’s done is done.  Ah, Mardi Gras – it’s so much fun!

Poem copyright 1986 by Leslie P. Kerr

Blog text & photo copyright 2011, Les Kerr

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About Les Kerr

Les Kerr is a songwriter, recording artist, journalist and author originally from the Gulf Coast now based in Nashville, Tennessee. Learn More about Les at
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